Finally, we can now reveal
the reason why a simple
Petition to the Queen of Great Britain
[the EIIR Petition],
with ingredients stretching as far back as the Magna Carta,
occasioned the Empirical activation of processes in the Neurotheological realm that act as the top gun, and provide the
Neurotheological twist to the the Revolution in Military Affairs.

Effectively, this innocuous document that is the EIIR Petition acts as the start-up, Manhattan Project to demonstrate the worth of Neurotheology as the new nuke.

While this new development possesses startling global political implications; on account of the motivation prompted by this being a revolution in military affairs; the more profound implications pertain to this very same Neurotheological process rendering inevitable the process of Humanity’s expansion in Outer Space.

In that this initial evidentiary material originates in the EIIR Petition, with its roots within the Commonwealth that is Neurotheologically identified as being under the suzerainty of the British Crown, this brief exposition seeks to explain the reason why the EIIR Petition is the basis, a Neurotheological device that binds the following players in common; Quebec is the solution, and just when Seattle seemed like the unfortunate trapped in this scenario, entirely on account of the machinations of rogue anti-British elements; out of nowhere come the Scots to act as the fall guy and take the bullet!


Now, Religious doctrine is incomplete and by itself unacceptable, especially in the Jurisprudential realm, let alone in any forum of Science.

Yet, the very existence of these ancient entities over time constitutes a human social system that is scientifically explorable and exploitable; and, using the scientific temper, we are in a better position to exploit them for the benefit of Humanity.

Therefore, though we may have repugnance for things 'spiritual,' and their subjectivity; as Scientists, first and foremost, it is our scientific endeavour to investigate.

Then, the subject of our query might be documentation full of observations or insights, or it might be the very existence of the people who make that documentation; because, though the inferences therein might be polluted by the unscientific taints of those times, we cannot shirk from the essential reality of the conditions stated therein, or evident in their making. Therefore, with a "Nullius in Verba" frame of mind, it is correct and imperative to proceed.


Simply stated, it is the Empirical handling of the matters pertaining to the 'spiritual' realm; a means for scientific assessment of the matters hitherto dismissed as 'arcane' and 'unquantifiable'.

Away from all the establishments of religion with their follies and foibles; yet, aware of the value of the very fact of their mere existence over time, this Neurotheological mechanism at ASTRONRILL uses the Scientific method to distil the essence, therefore effectively functioning in an Atheistic manner.

This is essentially a material endeavour. Remember, our vision is the utilisation of the Neurotheological factors that are available to us, after sanitising them through the scientific method, for the next material breakthrough in our exploration of Outer Space, a Quantum leap for Humanity.


The process that we used at Astronrill, about which you can read more in the Astronrill E-Book available in Open Access, involves connecting our thread of scientific attainment and inventive genius within the empirical thinking frame of mind, with the essential illuminating tracking beam of civilisational progress that proceeds to interstellar realms, through the insights afforded in the prototypical steps that enabled the awareness of this manner of manipulation of natural reality.


For something that results in the empirical activation of the Neurotheological realm, the petition in itself comprises a mere collation of words interspersed with commonplace play of syntax. At most, in terms of content, one can term it as the equivalent of perhaps several centuries of Jurisprudential angst condensed into one single self-sufficiently comprehensive text, within a fully post-modern context of scientific rigour.

Its process of transmission, howsoever torturous, in itself constituted an essentially innocuous mechanical act that would subsequently spark off such an expansive chain of causation with primal links.

The end-result, for the first time ever in our empirically modulated era, was a unique mechanism involving the scientifically accessible modulation of the material domain solely and exclusively through the accession of the ‘spiritual’ realm.

This then is the amazing Neurotheological breakthrough that establishes an entirely new paradigm in the Art of War, harnessing, even if imperfectly, powerful forces of nature, of the measurable material realm, in a process hitherto dismissed as defunct, and all in a totally scientific manner.

Introducing The NEW Top Gun:

Yet, the petition is mere words. How does it become surreally alive in the natural realm? Your reading of ASTRONRILL, together with the EIIR Petition, all Freely available in Open Access at this site, will disclose these details. For now, let us concentrate upon the Neurotheological twist to the Revolution in Military Affairs.

Time was when the Dreadnought was the ruler of the waves, enabling its owner to impose his will on any part of the world with impunity.

Aircraft Carrier

The aircraft carrier co-existed for almost two decades with the battleship. This happened only because of the aura of invincibility surrounding the battleship, and the way that prejudiced even the clearer thinking minds.

Until the day when the aircraft carrier showed that it was the bearer of flying artillery far beyond the range of any battleship; and its artillery could undo any number of Dreadnoughts at a moment’s notice. The concept of what constitutes a capital ship underwent a sea change.

atomic submarine
Today is the hey-day of the nuclear submarine bearing atomic weaponry; that can impose its will on any part of the world with impunity.

Yet we ask, is that massive machine of annihilation outmanoeuvred and outgunned, essentially out-thought by even more radical developments in the technology of warfare?

powerful hurricaneIs the force of nature the ultimate weapon that can reduce the owner of the most potent fleet of nuclear submarines, and that augmented by carrier battle groups aplenty, to a state of abject misery?

This Is The Reason Why We Say So:

the EIIR Petition

Effectively, The EIIR Petition Has Ensured That:

The Weaponisation Of The Neurotheological Realm Is Now Fully Complete!

Because, the activation of the Neurotheological device unleashes the most powerful forces in the Universe that brook no opposition from the errants in its path, whether they be obdurate groups, or the most powerful armed force ever in the history of the world.

In such a scenario, scientifically functioning states, whose pre-eminence obtains only through their cutting edge state of the art progress in superior scientific technology, cannot wilfully abdicate the empirical force of Neurotheological developments on the rather specious plea that their relativism enforces them to remain nescient of the spiritual realm.

For, to ignore Neurotheological progress is to ignore scientific progress in a realm that is relevant to battlefield superiority. Such obdurately unscientific behaviour enforced by ideological dogma has serious military implications; because it is effectively equivalent to becoming blind (because one’s dogma states that the visual and electromagnetic spectrum does not exist) and losing visual and radar guidance, or becoming deaf (because one is nescient of the acoustic realm) and losing sonar guidance, or being both blind and deaf; and the results are plainly obvious for all to see.

Lifting the FOG OF WAR from the first series of tactical squares:

With this clearer understanding of the Neurotheological basis, and the startling military implications thereof; we can appreciate the significance of the EIIR Petition, and its geo-strategic implications that, at the moment, incidentally lock on to Scotland on account of the circumstances surrounding its schematic of secession.


Before the maverick machinations of the Scottish secessionist bid, there was the straightforward equation wherein Quebec endangered Seattle.

The chain of causation for this development arises from the general circumstances surrounding the negligent behaviour of the Crown, in contravention to the Magna Carta, resulting in subsequent ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide, as disclosed in the EIIR Petition.

In this context, the petition observes that the illegal secession of the United States of America from the Commonwealth provides avenue for mitigation of wrongs committed by the Crown in the relevant ancestral homeland.

Canada gets enmeshed in this chain of causation through its notorious CANDU reactors that irreversibly contaminate our tester’s ancestral homeland. Thus, even though the poor USA is trapped, Canada provides mitigation through provision of lock-in onto secessionist Quebec.

This then is the well-settled equation on the battlefield.


Already, in the Neurotheological manner, its an open war. The missile launchers are locating the nearest targets for locking on to, tracer is liberally lighting the already aflame horizon; and in this highly contested war-zone, trust the Scots to take it upon themselves to act as the show-stoppers! Every seeker in the vicinity is locked onto them, hard; and they expect to come out of this without a speck of carbon on their brow.

Why? Or, what for is their ill-stated ambition uncovering at this moment in civilisational time? Except to act as validators of this essential empirical truth that we have so recently discovered. Perhaps, so that Quebec can draw the lesson from their fate; that the British Commonwealth has some Neurotheologic basis that is not to be dismissed lightly. Are the Scots about to cast themselves, of their very own calculated volition, even if that be somewhat emotionally deranged, as the fall guys in this scenario?

Were the Scots unwise enough to be led astray by sentiments pertaining to mastery of one's own fate, and thus cast off on their own in this critical phase of civilisational progress, they are virtually ending up absorbing entire swarms of missiles meant for these other players.

But, for now, we can only wait and watch; and perchance make some due diligence on our tester's behalf, seeing as there are some spin-offs from that Magna Carta issue that call for a census of particular identifiers. Maybe, they'll renew their Neurotheological safety as a part of the British Commonwealth, rather than making fool-hardy attempts at daring the missiles that were meant for others, but that’ll swiftly lock on to them.

The role of ASTRONRILL in this Neurotheological schematic:

In our uncertain world that daily exposes our weakness of lack of control over events that take on a momentum of their own, and make us forever poised on the cliff’s edge; where the need is for a sense of control, the neurotheological process at Astronrill provides this basic understanding of our destiny; while additionally reassuring us of the security afforded by staying within its tracking beam.

Astronrill, on account of its empirical foundation through its unique and exclusive Neurotheological construct, can simultaneously radiate Jurisprudential sparkle and Spiritual security. Importantly, its scientific worth that translates into the promise of outer space is the essential empirical reality of your destiny in Outer Space, and of its concomitant anti-ageing implications.

Therefore, when You claim Your Outer Space destiny at Astronrill, you inevitably equip Yourself to stay on top of any situation in our ever-challenging, rapidly changing, present-day world.


As we have revealed, here is the latest development of our research: a verifiable Neurotheological interface available for exploration, for advancing your prospects of survival in the real world.

It enables You to scientifically enhance Your security, in a mathematically appropriate manner.

The realities of life provide you with your real interface that is obvious to your senses and logic. Yet, given the wheels within wheels, something that is not immediately obvious to your senses and logic, yet reveals itself through sustained and rigorous intellectual application over time, is the Neurotheological interface, almost like a kind of virtual interface, except that it has very real and lasting implications and consequences in the real world.

The way in which we achieve this feat that involves empirical verification of at times anachronistic data is through the Atheist's ultimate weapon of choice in tackling material considered 'spiritual' without getting entangled in any establishment of religion: the Neurotheological Interface at ASTRONRILL.

In the light of the certainty of Inter-Stellar excursion that we foresee through the mathematical analysis of Civilisation as a social system; taken in tandem with the only possible Astrobiological modality through which we humans can do so and still retain our essential Humanity; this happens to be the one and only Futurological engine that can galvanise our efforts, and propel us reliably in this thrilling venture par excellence.


The simple act of Your becoming a Permanent Registrant at ASTRONRILL empowers you to traverse the intricacies of the labyrinthine maze that is unravelled by our Neurotheological queries, enabling You to acquire the due standing for regular access to the Neurotheological Interface form.

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