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In the backdrop of strict Foreign Exchange control laws directed by the Reserve Bank of India [RBI]; our technological shortcomings in the nature of inability to arrange for the appropriate programming code [for integration of our operations to the requisite Indian Rupee INR Payment Gateways], combined with the limitations of a small-scale start-up [that prevent custom modifications], conspire to prevent the sale of the Permanent Membership of ASTRONRILL to Resident Indians. Doubtless, in the future, with an expanded capability, we will remedy this shortcoming, and change this ground reality.

Until then, the appropriate quota [in a global scenario] at ASTRONRILL for people of Indian origin, especially as regards the Priority Queue for Outer Space ventures, will be nepotistically filled up through merit-based assignments to friends, family, neighbours, acquaintances, other civic interacting entities in the first instance, and thereafter through merit-based assignments to their second degree connections, viz., their family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances; finally through arbitrary assignments on the same sliding scale of priority.

Apart from this pool of persons entitled by the simple expedient of favourable Standing, over and above the inclusions obtained in this manner, on account of the necessity for ameliorating my Tester's brutal approaches in and during experimentation, there will be an additional three percent reservation for all the various sub-caste nationalities of Brahmins: two percent of which will be generally available simply on the basis of ancestral inheritance, and the other one percent exclusively reserved for those Brahmins who are actively engaged in practising the rituals of Brahminical Hinduism, and for their familes.

In the same vein, limited seating can be made available on a proportional basis to meritorious assignees of relevant sections of the Government of India, and its autonomous outcrops, so long as they are on good terms with the Astronrill establishment.

This should not be construed, even remotely, as a reflection on any policy matter or economic rule, but is merely a genuine instance of an innovative solution to a vexatious situation.


Whereas, the ASTRONRILL pdf E-Book is meant only for Private Circulation among the Permanent Members of; and whereas, cognisance of its contents outside of the appropriate forum of Permanent Members of constitutes an act of Piracy; and whereas, it is not possible for Indian Residents to purchase the Permanent Membership of; now therefore, there is a blanket prohibition on taking cognisance of the contents of the said ASTRONRILL E-Book within the public domain in the territory of India.
Simply stated, the ASTRONRILL pdf E-Book available only to Permanent Members of is a private communication whose discussion in any public forum in the territory of India is strictly prohibited, as that would constitute an act of Piracy against Privileged Intellectual Property.

This has absolutely no implications for the Jurisprudential situation in India for the simple reason that the Science-Spirituality-Jurisprudence synchronisation established in ASTRONRILL by DR MILIND NARENDRA OVALEKAR, validates in Seattle and proceeds to the Quebec finale. Thus, neither is the inciting condition, nor the resolution, posited within the Indian sub-continent. If the contention is incorrect, then all this talk is futile; if it is correct it resolves into Quebec, and everything else becomes irrelevant.

The interests of the people of Indian origin in the Global scenario pertaining to the exploration of Outer Space through Astronrill remain safeguarded on account of the mechanism alluded to earlier in this short note.

While, for reasons of contextual relevance, it wasn't possible to incorporate within ASTRONRILL all the relevant information regarding the BHAGAVAD GITA as the Constitutional Core of ANY post-modern scientifically functioning nation; yet, what is present therein is sufficiently illuminating. Hence, for any person resident in India, it is Your bounden duty to examine ASTRONRILL; especially so when You can now do that for FREE!

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