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Our Outer Space exploration theme at ASTRONRILL is not just a dream, it is an inevitable reality of our future; which, given the average duration of any standard human learning curve, puts our current decade straight-off into the initial starting phase. Therefore, we have hastily produced the following brief presentation, to provide you with an inkling of the possibilities as regards the utilisation therein of Your professional skills, and Your Organisation's technical capabilities.

The First Aspect of the Space mission at ASTRONRILL involves its primary evaluation as an Astrobiological enterprise.


Ultimately, whether you use humans with extended life-spans, or contrive somehow to use robots with human brain downloads, the essential limitation will always involve the question of what exactly it is to be human, and what is the destiny of humanity. That seminal "who am I?" moment resurfaces as we proceed further on our quest for Interstellar Space! And, the answer to this can only be resolved through an understanding of the dynamics of the human mind.

There’s no getting around those factors raised in that analysis, except through the modality presented in Astronrill. The biological obstacles are very real, and they relate to the physiological limitations of the human organism. The physical obstacles of space are very real, and they pertain to the speed we can achieve.


So, how do we get around these limitations? Using the mathematical analyses of Civilisational development, Astronrill proposes the key role of Consciousness, not in the sense of its mechanistic nature as the maintainer of equilibrium in the organism, but in its auxiliary attributes, in order to achieve the breakthrough. We are confident in succeeding through the use of that very modality for Interstellar Exploration.

This is the radical new scientific breakthrough that deserves, at the very least, a honest hearing, especially when it is freely available on this site in Open Access mode.

This leads us to the Next Aspect of the Space Mission at Astronrill, that'll become the Primary feature once the Astrobiology gets established:

The Space mission as an Industrially relevant enterprise.

Invitation From Astronrill To Industry For Participation In Humanity's Ventures Across Inter-Stellar Space