While the scenario from the sci-fi movie “Elysium” wherein a patient nonchalantly settles into an MRI-styled machine and is nearly instantaneously cured of all, including the most bedevilling ills, is something that is, well, sci-fi; the concept of “Medical Tourism” as envisaged at ASTRONRILL does strive to bring to you a level of reputed, reliable, and fulfilling health care approaching that dream.

The genius of ASTRONRILL MEDICAL TOURISM involves the value addition of the Anti-Ageing Facilitation’s overdrive mode operation during this translation of the patients from their mundane environs into an aesthetic and harmonic locale; wherein they receive a total, holistic attention, with of course the primary focus on their presenting ailment(s), and the core-component of the Anti-Ageing Facilitation providing an auxiliary envelope. Thus, what is mostly a mechanical and technical matter in any other facility, transforms at Astronrill into a holistic experience with a potent Spiritual component, for your lasting benefit.



Access to Superior Quality, Best Grade, Internationally Reputed and Affordable Health Care


Given that the second stage of the Anti-Ageing Facilitation involves close monitoring by the best practitioners of the latest evidence-backed medical and surgical disciplines; one spin-off from this Anti-Ageing Facilitation is that the top value provided by the Anti-Ageing Facilitation can be co-incidentally augmented with the traditional facets of Medical Tourism.

Exactly the same resources of the latest cutting-edge evidence-backed medical and surgical therapies, that are integral within this facilitation can also be available on a general basis in that they form a Very High Quality Health Care Service that is affordable on an International scale, and is generally categorised as “Medical Tourism”. There’s the same level of expertise, the very same degree of care, the same infrastructure, exactly the same treatment, yet on account of globalised economic factors, there’s a significant cost saving!

This leads to an unique situation wherein, the patients who receive this Medical Tourism care avail of the same, if not better, care in the aesthetic locale; combined with physical and mental relaxation afforded by the pleasure of comfortable and leisurely travel tourism; and combined with the Anti-Ageing facilitation; yet the final total costs for them, combining treatment, travel, and incidentals, including the cost of their companion(s); are significantly lower than what they’d have paid for in their country of residence.

Of course, the caveat is that this holds true only when the place of this facilitation is Mumbai, India; [or an equivalent international location in cost terms], because, where this facilitation relocated to any other place, the cost factors of that particular place would come into play. In fact, if relocated to your country of residence, or to, say, Switzerland, then this Medical Tourism would actually be full pay equivalent together with the additional costs of the travel, and the anti-ageing facilitation!

Bear in mind that the basic purpose of Astronrill Medical Tourism is to offer an unique Anti-Ageing Facilitation coupled with the usual medical treatment, and the cost savings currently possible are entirely incidental to its location in Mumbai, INDIA; and would not hold true for any other location, when such a relocation does take effect.

In this nascent stage, this operation is functional purely from my Clinician’s point-of-view, in that this is more of a Social Service wherein I see something invaluable – top-notch on any global comparisons parameter, at an internationally low price from the best internationally renowned practitioners of the art – that is clearly evident to me, and then I pass on that information to you in good faith. Hence, currently it is restricted to the limitations of word-of-mouth interactions involving informal interactions; and within the constraints of whatever time I can personally spare for such matters.






In future, an appropriate Administrative set-up would reframe this issue from the Quality Management Systems point-of-view, with proper Certifications that we monitor formally. Thus, the efficient clinical systems whose superior capabilities and protocols are evident to us in our Clinical interactions, and in whom we have the fullest confidence as regards their competence and their infrastructure, can then be actually administratively Certified on parameters that will present a new challenge in patient care to those used to the current regimen. We will provide an update as and when such an Administration becomes functional, and takes up this important matter; and sets up a formal and seamless system that can process any and all requests of this nature.

Until then, if you need any such assistance within the purview of the Anti-Ageing Facilitation, then you can use the Contact Form with the Category “Your Anti-Ageing Facilitation”, and we will try to resolve your situation through our informal network of supremely talented professionals and their world-class infrastructure.